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Chinese New Year 2020!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

More information on the way!

The Kansas Chinese Association (KCCA) 2020 Lunar New Year celebrations are scheduled for Saturday, February 1th, at Johnson County Community College (JCCC), and our planning and operations team is working on preparations. The event will inherit the pattern of previous years, divided into the following three sections, starting from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm, which lasts nearly five hours.

1. Chinese traditional culture display and entertainment activities (4:30 - 6:30): including lion dance, calligraphy, tea art, Tai Chi, Go/Chess, Chinese medicine, etc. As well as balloons, portrait sketches, face paintings, dance parties and other popular games for children and children.

2. Reception (5:00 - 6:30): This is a special invite to the leaders of the Consulate General, state (city) government state (city) chiefs, members of parliament, sponsors, partners, and some volunteers in the celebration of the New Year.

3. Literary performances (7:00 - 9:00): This will be a local Chinese and American cultural group in Kancheng, a former domestic performing artist, an art major, and a local Chinese amateur literary artist. These wonderful performances have carefully prepared and will be presented, during this showing. As one of the Sino-US friendly exchange programs, the Kancheng Friendship City Committee including the Beijing Elementary and Middle School Students' Artistic Performance Team, were invited by the Kancheng Friendship Association of China and will join us for the Spring Festival Gala performance.

Thank you for you support

KCCA and the original CCTV director invited you to enjoy the "February 1" Kancheng Spring Festival Evening! (With Spring Festival introduction and blessing video)

2020, I hope that time will be slow, so people will not be scattered, the first spring is not cold, and the three winters are warm. Although they live in a foreign land, there is still a strong Chinese year! The original CCTV director dedicated his dedication to the annual masterpiece:"February 1" "I am with you, Will be in the "Wancheng" Spring Festival Gala, give you and your family a different "Rat" year, I wish you can recall this situation, I wish you a good year! For the dream, a thousand miles, February 1st , we JCCC, see you!

Famous domestic artists blessed overseas Chinese and Kansas folks, and wished "February 1" "I and you, meet in Kancheng" Spring Festival Evening successfully held!


" February 1 " party time:

February 1, 2020 (please note this field event is Eryue Jiu Ri )

4:30 - 6:30 pm Chinese Culture Show and Entertainment (Free)

7:00 - 9:00 pm Cultural performance (admission by ticket)

"February 1" party location:

Carlsen Center at JCCC

(Johnson County Community College)

12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

Tickets for the "February 1" party:



$12 per piece and a KCCA member (on or before January 25)

$18 per piece and a KCCA member (after January 25)

Except KCCA above official website

Kancheng Modern Chinese School

Pan-Asia Supermarket

Tianma Schindler International Express (within 888 supermarket)

KC Buffet

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt (135th & Quivira)

Buck & Up Dollar Store, etc.

Many Chinese schools, Chinese supermarkets, Chinese restaurants, and retail stores have on-site ticket sales. For details, please refer to KCCA Mail, FACEBOOK, and WeChat Public Platform (scan QR code or use the following link): (Chrome can assist with converting this site into English)

Countdown to the Spring Festival Evening | Seeing the Peach Blossom Spring in February, Jiuzhou celebrates the New Year


Kancheng spring is strong, and a few degrees of Ruixue welcome the new year! Just enjoying the beauty of the first snow in 2020, the celebrations of the series of Chinese New Years in Kancheng have also begun, and the Chinese people of Kancheng are beautiful and old, and the United States welcome the New Year! As one of the major Chinese organizations in Kansas, the “Kancheng Chinese Association” (KCCA) has also carefully prepared the original Chinese year for the overseas Chinese in Kancheng – “I am with you, meet in Kansas”.

Gather together

Experience Chinese culture

Chinese Culture Show

    In the cultural display and entertainment activities of the field, the planning team carefully prepared the New Year's dance with singing and dancing - "Little Apple", "Jiangnan Style", "Sailor Dance", dancing 2020 waiting for you!

  In addition to the traditional dragon and lion dance, spring couplets, chess, tea art, guqin, cucurbit, taiji, this outdoor cultural show has also added a lot of interactive and highly engaged cultural activities:

  In order to avoid the time for friends and children to wait, the intimate KCCA organizers have already arranged for double volunteers!

    Here we have prepared tea for the elders, watching chess, enjoying ancient music, playing Taiji; the children painted bright animal faces, holding animal balloons in their hands to chase the lions; sisters and sisters vibrating live Dance together! The photographers are afraid that they will not be able to capture the beautiful scenery and reunion of the 2020 overseas Chinese who have been enjoying the joys of the Chinese New Year. The spring is full of joy!

    The background wall of the huge greeting card, Zhang Quanjiafu, the photographer is ready, the Kancheng Chinese Association (KCCA) is waiting for you here, here is the home of the Chinese in Kancheng, and returned home on February 1st in China. City Spring Festival Evening!

    When you are tired, there are a variety of Chinese foods waiting for you!

    The fascinating entertainment party was dedicated to the original CCTV director who graduated from the director of the Beijing Film Academy. It combines various Chinese literary clubs in Kansas, professional doctors and masters in university art, and the large-scale Akabella choir. .

They are rock youths, singing the spring breeze ten miles!

They are the women of the Dina, who will swing the cheongsam!

They are reading lang, writing the book to Saulden!

They are classical ladies, and they will sing the chords!

They are teenagers, and they will take the innocence out of the sky!

They are students who will love songs to the motherland!


Want to know who they are? 2020 The Kansas Chinese Association (KCCA) "I am with you, meet in Kansas" Spring Festival Evening, gives you a different "pig" year for overseas Chinese in Kansas and Kansas City. I wish you all the best to remember, I wish you a happy year!

KCCA Spring Festival Evening Review | Let the taste of the year continue to Yuanxiao! 2020-03-01

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