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Chinese New Year 2019!

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

More information on the way!

The Kansas Chinese Association (KCCA) 2019 Lunar New Year celebrations are scheduled for Saturday, February 9th, at Johnson County Community College (JCCC), and our planning and operations team is working on preparations. The event will inherit the pattern of previous years, divided into the following three sections, starting from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm, which lasts nearly five hours.

1. Chinese traditional culture display and entertainment activities (4:30 - 6:30): including lion dance, calligraphy, tea art, Tai Chi, Go/Chess, Chinese medicine, etc. As well as balloons, portrait sketches, face paintings, dance parties and other popular games for children and children.

2. Reception (5:00 - 6:30): This is a special invite to the leaders of the Consulate General, state (city) government state (city) chiefs, members of parliament, sponsors, partners, and some volunteers in the celebration of the New Year.

3. Literary performances (7:00 - 9:00): This will be a local Chinese and American cultural group in Kancheng, a former domestic performing artist, an art major, and a local Chinese amateur literary artist. These wonderful performances have carefully prepared and will be presented, during this showing. As one of the Sino-US friendly exchange programs, the Kancheng Friendship City Committee including the Beijing Elementary and Middle School Students' Artistic Performance Team, were invited by the Kancheng Friendship Association of China and will join us for the Spring Festival Gala performance.

Thank you for you support

Flyer link

KCCA and the original CCTV director invited you to enjoy the "February 9" Kancheng Spring Festival Evening! (With Spring Festival introduction and blessing video)

2019, I hope that time will be slow, so people will not be scattered, the first spring is not cold, and the three winters are warm. Although they live in a foreign land, there is still a strong Chinese year! The original CCTV director dedicated his dedication to the annual masterpiece:"February 9" "I am with you, Will be in the "Wancheng" Spring Festival Gala, give you and your family a different "pig" year, I wish you can recall this situation, I wish you a good year! For the dream, a thousand miles, February 9th , we JCCC, see you!

Famous domestic artists blessed overseas Chinese and Kansas folks, and wished "February 9" "I and you, meet in Kancheng" Spring Festival Evening successfully held!


" February 9 " party time:

February 9, 2019 (please note this field event is Eryue Jiu Ri )

4:30 - 6:30 pm Chinese Culture Show and Entertainment (Free)

7:00 - 9:00 pm Cultural performance (admission by ticket)

"February 9" party location:

Carlsen Center at JCCC

(Johnson County Community College)

12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

Tickets for the "February 9" party:



$12 per piece and a KCCA member (on or before January 25)

$15 per piece and a KCCA member (after January 25)

Except KCCA above official website

Kancheng Modern Chinese School

Pan-Asia Supermarket

Tianma Schindler International Express (within 888 supermarket)

KC Buffet

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt (135th & Quivira)

Buck & Up Dollar Store, etc.

Many Chinese schools, Chinese supermarkets, Chinese restaurants, and retail stores have on-site ticket sales. For details, please refer to KCCA Mail, FACEBOOK, and WeChat Public Platform (scan QR code or use the following link): (Chrome can assist with converting this site into English)

Countdown to the Spring Festival Evening | Seeing the Peach Blossom Spring in February, Jiuzhou celebrates the New Year


Kancheng spring is strong, and a few degrees of Ruixue welcome the new year! Just enjoying the beauty of the first snow in 2019, the celebrations of the series of Chinese New Years in Kancheng have also begun, and the Chinese people of Kancheng are beautiful and old, and the United States welcome the New Year! As one of the major Chinese organizations in Kansas, the “Kancheng Chinese Association” (KCCA) has also carefully prepared the original Chinese year for the overseas Chinese in Kancheng – “I am with you, meet in Kansas”.

Gather together

Experience Chinese culture

Chinese Culture Show

    In the cultural display and entertainment activities of the field, the planning team carefully prepared the New Year's dance with singing and dancing - "Little Apple", "Jiangnan Style", "Sailor Dance", dancing 2019 waiting for you!

  In addition to the traditional dragon and lion dance, spring couplets, chess, tea art, guqin, cucurbit, taiji, this outdoor cultural show has also added a lot of interactive and highly engaged cultural activities:

  In order to avoid the time for friends and children to wait, the intimate KCCA organizers have already arranged for double volunteers!

    Here we have prepared tea for the elders, watching chess, enjoying ancient music, playing Taiji; the children painted bright animal faces, holding animal balloons in their hands to chase the lions; sisters and sisters vibrating live Dance together! The photographers are afraid that they will not be able to capture the beautiful scenery and reunion of the 2019 overseas Chinese who have been enjoying the joys of the Chinese New Year. The spring is full of joy!

    The background wall of the huge greeting card, Zhang Quanjiafu, the photographer is ready, the Kancheng Chinese Association (KCCA) is waiting for you here, here is the home of the Chinese in Kancheng, and returned home on February 9th in China. City Spring Festival Evening!

    When you are tired, there are a variety of Chinese foods waiting for you!

    The fascinating entertainment party was dedicated to the original CCTV director who graduated from the director of the Beijing Film Academy. It combines various Chinese literary clubs in Kansas, professional doctors and masters in university art, and the large-scale Akabella choir. .

They are rock youths, singing the spring breeze ten miles!

They are the women of the Dina, who will swing the cheongsam!

They are reading lang, writing the book to Saulden!

They are classical ladies, and they will sing the chords!

They are teenagers, and they will take the innocence out of the sky!

They are students who will love songs to the motherland!


Want to know who they are? 2019 The Kansas Chinese Association (KCCA) "I am with you, meet in Kansas" Spring Festival Evening, gives you a different "pig" year for overseas Chinese in Kansas and Kansas City. I wish you all the best to remember, I wish you a happy year!

KCCA Spring Festival Evening Review | Let the taste of the year continue to Yuanxiao! 2019-02-18


Kancheng Chinese Network

Last week's KCCA Spring Festival Evening ended successfully, and the hot Spring Festival series of the Year of the Pig came to an end. Let's revisit it.

Thank you, thank you VIP rewards

In order to thank the sponsors and partners of the Spring Festival Gala, the Kansas Chinese Association (KCCA) specially invites political leaders from the state and municipal governments, and the directors of well-known American companies, Chinese-funded enterprises and famous law firms to participate in the rewards meeting. I have sincerely thanked the Kansas Chinese Association (KCCA) and the Dakancheng Chinese community for their support over the past year.

From left: Kansas State House State Representative Susan Ruiz, Nancy Lusk, Rui Xu, Jarrod Ousley, former Kansas Governor Jerry Colyer, KCCA President David Cheng

At the reception, three consuls of the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago, represented by the Commercial Counselor Zou Xiaoming, were still on the scene of the evening when the plane was late. Among the VIPs present were five state representatives from the Kansas House of Representatives, including Xu Rui, the first Chinese American to serve in the Kansas Legislature. In addition, former Governor of Kansas, Jeff Colyer, President of ZTE (American company) Li Bingzhen, senior director of Husch Blackwell, JeffSimon, senior director of economic development, Narbeli Galindo, President of Asian Chamber of Commerce, Shen Fang, Chairman of the Snow Foundation, James Mckusick Teresa Chien, president of the China Friendship Association, and the dean and director of Emporia State University, Park University, and UMKC also attended the reception and watched the wonderful performances.

KCCA President David Cheng gave a welcome speech

Kansas State House State Representative Xu Rui

Former Governor of Kansas, Jeff Colyer

At the reception, David Cheng, president of the Kansas Chinese Association (KCCA), gave a welcome speech. State representative Xu Rui and former governor Jeff Colyer gave speeches to all Chinese people, and then issued certificates to some sponsors. And medals. The thank-you meeting will be hosted by the famous Chinese lawyer in Cannes and Ms. Shen Fang, Chairman of the Asian Chamber of Commerce.

From left: Feng Jianhui, President of Kancheng Marble Company, David Cheng, President of KCCA, and Shen Fang, Partner of Husch Blackwell Law Firm

From left: State Representative of the State Councilor Xu Rui, Director of the International Student Division of Emporia State University Mark Daly, President of KCCA David Cheng

The event was attended by representatives and representatives of Chinese associations, scholars and student unions from Fort Hays, Wichita, Manhattan, Emporia, Topeka, Columbia, etc. Some schools organized hundreds of support and observation groups and used several vehicles. School buses and private cars, some drive more than 7 hours round trip.

Vibrant outfield, Chinese culture experience

This year's KCCA "February 9" Spring Festival evening event was popular, and many new cultural exhibitions and entertainment activities attracted many children. We are delighted to see more and more Americans participating in KCCA's Chinese New Year celebrations.

Bustling crowd waiting for admission

Giant greeting card The largest and oldest greeting card company in the United States Hallmark Two giant pig year greeting cards designed and produced for the Spring Festival Evening of the Kansas Chinese Association stood at the party, attracting many people to watch, leave messages and take photos.

Dragon and lion dance In particular, the dragon and lion dance team composed of American high school students shuttled through the party scene and the crowd, interacting with the people attending the party, and the children followed, pushing the field activities several times.

Tea art In addition to the annual Kankan Chinese School and the Chinese culture exhibition at the Emanuel Chinese School, writing Spring Festival couplets, drawing kites, tea demonstrations, Tai Chi performances, and Chinese medicine booths have attracted many visitors to watch and participate.

Photography painting The background of the "Chinese style" on the scene has attracted many Chinese and American families to compete for family portraits. The square dance and all kinds of balloon shapes are deeply loved by children and the atmosphere of the scene is active. This year's skill display and entertainment activities have added a lot of new projects. The American high school students have a sketch of their avatars, and painted faces and hands, and the paintings are vivid.

Colorful and colorful, the big stage is gathered together.

The big stage performance that started at 7 o'clock that night, painted a highlight for the KCCA New Year celebration series. The evening was attended and directed by Li Xiaolan, the former Chinese CCTV director who graduated from the director of the Beijing Film Academy. He was inspired by the theme song "I and You" of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, with the theme "Me and You, Meet in Kansas". Through the four chapters from the past to the present, from homesickness to "for dreams, thousands of miles", the patriotic, homesick emotions and the theme of gathering together in other countries to create brilliant glory. The planning of the party, the background production, and the design of the dance are all ingenious and have a strong sense of film; and the emotions of the whole night are from low to high, from the feeling of hometown to this place, which has aroused the audience's strong resonance. After the party ended, we received a variety of sincere and positive feedback from a wide audience, highly rated.

The applause sounded, let's revisit those wonderful moments.

Moderator: Xu Rui, Xu Lin, Cheng Xiaohang, Shen Fang

1 Opening Dance: "Song of the World"

The peace and prosperity of the world, the songs and celebrations, the lively opening dance of the combination of Chinese and Western lights up the big stage of the Spring Festival Evening, an elegant and popular show, gorgeous and dazzling performance kicked off.

Photography: Gao Huakang

Photography: Zuo Jun

Photography: Yangdong

Photography: Wang Yeqiang

2 Mongolian dance "Swan"

Humai sounds, on the vast Mongolian grassland, the swan flies and flies, and plays freely. The Mongolian dance "Swan" performed by the Silk Road Dance Team, the light figure, the stretched arms, and the Mongolian high-spirited music Dancing and pleasing to the eye.

Photography: Wang Yeqiang

Photography: Gao Huakang

Photography: Chen Jiansheng

3 children's chorus "Let's scull"

The childish voice is tender, and the catchy "Let's scull", passed down from generation to generation, does the song of childhood remind you of a colorful childhood? The chorus of children brought by the Emanuel Chinese School brings us back to the past.

Photography: Chen Jiansheng

Photography: Kelei Zhang

Photography: Zhang Lei

4 piano solo "Shandan Danhua flowers open red"

The mountain Dandan flower in full bloom in the mountains and the wild, the piano piece "Shandandanhua Kaihongyanyan" played by Li Xiaolan describes the scene when the Red Army celebrated the same time when the Red Army arrived in northern Shaanxi. It also showed a beautiful landscape painting and also showed it. Superb performance skills.

Photography: Zuo Jun

Photography: Yangdong

5 dance "Flame Cheongsam"

The dance steps, the mystery in the elegance, the rhythm in the graceful, the cheongsam dance brought by the silk road dance team, is the perfect combination of Chinese traditional cheongsam beauty and tango dance steps, the interlacing of classical and modern sense, let the audience indulge for a long time.

Photography: Yangdong

Photography: Zuo Jun

6 solo "I and my country"

If the sea is the support of the waves, I can't divide my motherland for a moment. "I and my motherland" are lyrical songs with permanent charm and loved by everyone. Under the interpretation of Luo Xindi, they are deeply affectionate and red. The heart is overflowing with words.

Photography: Chen Jiansheng

7 poems recite "I love you, China"

A patriotic sentiment, expressing love for the motherland, "I love you, China" poetry by Cheng Xiaohang, accompanied by slow flowing background music, patriotic heart, patriotic feelings, Generous.

Photography: Qi Binwei

8 solo "I love you, China"

Liu Yi’s song "I Love You China" has made the overseas travellers mourn the infinite affection of the motherland. His hometown, outside the ocean, every time he hears this song, every heart of the Yan and Huang children is swaying to the motherland. The lofty love.

Photography: Yangdong

Photograph by Rosalyn Shen

10 poems read "Homesickness"

The homesickness always touched the heartstrings of the wanderers who traveled overseas. Xu Lin and we relived the "Homesickness" of Yu Guangzhong, the small stamps, the narrow ticket, and the endless thoughts of the hometown.

Photography: Yangdong

Photography: Zuo Jun

11 solo "My Dear Dad"

The aria created by Puccini, the melody is beautiful and moving. Under the accompaniment of Song Siming's piano, the singer Liu Yi's affectionate interpretation of this classic selection.

Photography: Kelei Zhang

12 Western opera "Commitment to Life"

The opera episode from The Tender Land tells the story of the American Midwestern country, performed by the students of Emporia State University, expressing gratitude, love, and awkwardness for a better life.

Photography: Zuo Jun

Photography: Yangdong

13 classical ballet "Four Seasons"

Under the accompaniment of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" violin, four young ballet dancers from The Luzicka School of Ballet danced, the joy of spring, the joy of recovery, and the beauty and beauty.

Photography: Gao Huakang

Photography: Zhang Lei

Photography: Qi Binwei

14 American modern dance "Letting Go"

Sometimes strong and powerful, sometimes soft and stretched, the body with the dancers breathing the tides, the dancers of the Seamless Dance Theatre conveyed to us the modern dance to admire the spirit of freedom and innocence.

Photography: Shiyu

Photograph by Rosalyn Shen

15 rock band singing "Spring Breeze"

In the interpretation of the Kansas State University rock band, the folk song "Spring Breeze Ten Miles" reveals poetry in the simplicity, poetry is full of affection, and affection is deeply touched, and this touch comes from you and my ordinary life, shuttles the city forest. "Spring is ten miles, not as good as you."

Photography: Zhang Lei

Photograph by Rosalyn Shen

Photography: Shiyu

16 Tai Chi performance

Chen's Taiji knives, the upper part of the call, the left and right sides, Chen style Taiji descendant Chen Huixian led the disciples to dance the big knife, smashing, chopping, smashing, hanging, smashing, wiping, cutting, blocking, picking, stabbing, big knife like a tiger, clean and neat .

Photography: Zhang Lei

Photography: Shiyu

Photography: Zuo Jun

17 Children's Dance "Sea Clear"

Innocent children, the children of Kansas Modern Chinese School have performed a wonderful fairy tale in the sea for us. The small fish, the turtles and the little ones interact and have love and liveliness.

Photography: Zhang Lei

Photography: Chen Jiansheng

18 classical dance, guzheng playing "A Dream"

Like a dream, the modern Chinese school adult dance team, together with the beautiful zither music played by Zheng Minjun, with a fantastic background image, shows us a beautiful world like a dream.

Photography: Zhang Lei

Photography: Chen Jiansheng

Photography: Shiyu

19 instrumental ensemble "Dhu dance music"

A very lyrical "Dance Dance", which comes from Zhou Shuanna, Lin Yu's guzheng and cymbal ensemble, it seems to be a mountainous folk painting depicted by music, beautiful.

Photography: Zhang Lei

Photography: Qi Binwei

20-inch trio "Give me a rose"

The distortions adapted from Xinjiang folk songs, like Zhao Yuhong, Lin Yu, and Wu Jingdian, are like the brisk rhythm of the big beads and the jade plate, expressing the hot emotions and unrestrained character of the Uighur people.

Photography: Kelei Zhang

Photography: Qi Binwei

21 piano solo "Clock"

Liszt's piano music "Clock" is very difficult to perform, and the professional piano player Qi Qi's superb skills have exerted the gorgeous performance skills and the effect of the bells, and also brought us a hearing feast.

Photography: Yangdong

Photography: Gao Huakang

22 Chorus "Joy" "Me and You"

The chorus "Joy" brought by Emporia State University and the "I and You" in Chinese and English have pushed the party to another climax.

Photography: Chen Jiansheng

Photography: Zhang Lei

New year, create a wonderful hand in hand

Special thanks to the following sponsors, groups, organizations and individuals for their support of the Spring Festival Gala and KCCA, looking forward to the new year and working together to create a better future:

Julia Palmer Bao Insurance Agency Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center DuraComm HHC Consulting Law Office of Maya Y. King Emporia State University Silk Road Dance Academy Kansas City Insitiute of Chinese Language and Culture Seamless Dance Theatre Kansas State University Emmanuel Chinese School University of Missouri at Kansas City Chen Huixian Taijiquan Academy The Luzicka School of Ballet

Spring Festival Evening host and general director Li Xiaotong

At the same time, thanks to the wonderful performers who performed in front of the evening, the volunteers who volunteered and volunteered, and the photographers who caught and recorded the beautiful moments in the crowd, KCCA’s Spring Festival celebrations in 2019 were due to everyone’s participation. More meaningful, wonderful and memorable!

Send feedback History Saved Community

KCCA春晚回顾 | 让年味延续到元宵!







左起:堪萨斯州众议院州代表Susan Ruiz, Nancy Lusk, Rui Xu, Jarrod Ousley, 前堪萨斯州州长JerryColyer, KCCA会长David Cheng

应邀出席招待会的有以商务参赞邹小明为代表的中国驻芝加哥总领馆三位领事,在飞机晚点的情况下仍然风尘仆仆赶到晚会现场。出席的贵宾中还有五位堪萨斯州众议院的州代表,其中徐瑞是第一位在堪萨斯州立法机关任职的华裔美国人。另外,堪萨斯州前州长Jeff Colyer,中兴(ZTE)美国公司总裁李秉玺,著名律所 Husch Blackwell 高级主管 JeffSimon,堪城经济开发属高级主管 Narbeli Galindo,亚洲商会主席申芳,斯诺基金会主席 James Mckusick,对华友好协会会长 Teresa Chien,以及恩波利亚州立大学,帕克大学,和UMKC的院长、主任也都亮相招待会,其后观看了精彩的文艺演出。

KCCA会长David Cheng致欢迎辞